Cellucare (10x5ml)

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Eliminates appearance of orange peel whilst reducing fat deposits and cellulite.


Eliminates appearance of orange peel whilst reducing fat deposits and cellulite.


This mesotherapy product is formulated to work in synergy in order to fight diffused or confined cellulite, acting simultaneously on the surface and in the depth at the level of the cutaneous tissues.

Atomization of imbedded cellulite. Through the use of hyaluronic acid which hydrolyses the cell membranes, trapping the adipocytes in clusters blamed for the congested appearance of nodes of fat. Tissues are decongested.

Activation of lipolysis, decrease in the storage of fats. Formulated with lipid burning active ingredients, Cellucare helps stimulate the decrease in the storage of fats and boosts its transformation into a source of energy.  Moreover the trace elements maximize the activity of the relevant enzymes.

Increase in microcirculation and drainage. Caffeine boosts the cutaneous microcirculation, thereby contributing to the elimination of broken down fatty acids .

Improvement in external appearance of cutaneous tissue. The moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid give a softer and smoother aspect to the skin. The trace elements give a new boost to the cells and thus further strengthen the skin .

The scientifically worked out Cellucare formula offers a compound of effective components and its obvious results can be seen with the naked eye at various stages. Fat storages are eliminated, improving the outline of the silhouette. Patients can feel an intense smoothening effect; “orange peel” visibly fades away. The specific technique of mesotherapy allows the isolating and targeting of stubborn areas and the strengthening of the support tissues of the skin in order to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite .


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